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Mark T is great!

He's apprenticeing me weeeeeee!


Off the Map LIVE Interview

Last night Maximilian Rothert and I were interviewed on Off the Map Live by our good buddy Ben Licata.

I had a great time sitting down with Ben. A big thank you for having me on goes out to Ben he is a great host and a ton of fun to talk to.

Here is a link so you can check it out for yourself.



Starting a floral leg sleeve


Here is a candid shot of me sketching the marker outline for a floral leg sleeve with a luna moth thats bigger than my head. I am super pumped with this piece and I can not wait to get back into it. 

Stay tuned to watch the progress



Paradise Tattoo Gathering Update

So Paradise Tattoo Gathering has come and gone. It was a truly life changing experience.I feel very appreciative for having the oppurtunity to engage with so many amazing artists. To see and be a part of the collective mind of art and tattooing was amazing. I'm still processsing all the new ideas and insights from this incredible weekend. 

Onwards and upwards



Paradise Tattoo Gathering



I will be attending and tattooing at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering. I will only be tatooing one day at this event. There are just too many great seminars to take. Marcus Lenhard .... Guy Aitchison...... Nick Baxter... Matt Driscoll... just to name a few. The oppurtunities for learning at this are incredible. If you are attending this year lets get together and make some art with the backdrop of the Berkshires in fall. 


I may have a some time open still if the idea is right. So if you are looking to do something fun and over the top shoot me an email. You can use the contact form at the bottom of the home page.



A dual art show presenting the recent art works of visionary artists, Guy Aitchison and Adam France.SURFACE & SPACE

Join us for a reception On Saturday, October 8th from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in conjunction with Easthampton’s Art Walk. Of course, there will be loads of OTM giveaways; with free gift certificates to each attendee through the door. We will also be offering light catering courtesy of Milltown Deli and tasty beverages.

Off the Map Studios
84 Cottage Street
Easthampton, MA 01027

“My work is intended not to tell a story, but to elicit a response. On the surface, my goals are simple: I want to make works that are visually beautiful and intriguing, just to get the viewer’s attention. From there, I hope to establish a presence in their imagination that acts as a key, allowing them to visualize whole new visionary realms. All art does this to some extent, so I take this responsibility seriously and aim to provide new templates of places that are enjoyable to imagine.” – Guy Aitchison

Having tattooed now for 18 years and coming from a family of artists, Adam France enjoys creating large bio-organic / robotic transformation projects. He takes huge influence from surrealistic psychedelic influences, aliens and outer space.


Tommy's Tattoo Convention


I will be tattooing at Tommy's Tattoo Convention in Hartford CT in just a couple weeks.

I'm doing something a little different this year. I am not booking any appointments. Crazy right? 

So here is the plan. I will have a few designs up for grabs. It will be first come first serve on all designs and each design will only be tattooed once. These will all be one shot 4-6 hour tattoos.

I will be posting teasers here and on my instagram @cre8_tion

I'm always open to ideas so if there is some thing you would like to see shoot me an email. There is a contact form at the bottom of the homepage.



Here is a sneek peek of a blue phoenix we started about a month ago. This is the second session on the half sleeve.  So far we have about 9 hours in with a ll the colors blocked in. The next pass we will start layering in the textures. 

I am looking for more clients to do projects similar to this. If you are intested in larger scale illustrative color tattoos we should talk. All you have to do is drop me an email from the contact form at the bottom of the home page.

Thanks for looking more awesome news and updates coming soon!



Catching up

These last couple weeks have been a roller coaster. I got tattooed by one of the most influential people in my tattoo career......Guy Aitchison. We did 2 full days on my chest a total of 15.5 hours. Guy is not only an amazing artist and true master but also a very grounded and humble person. Our conversations left a very lasting impression on me. I feel that my trip or to Hyperspace studios has made a better artist and a better person. Thank you Guy you are so inspiring and a big thank you to Gabe Ripley for making it all happen.

StarBrite Colors

Only pigments I use StarBrite all day everyday...

You can get them at tommyssupplies.com


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